Happy Birthday Mama Maria!

Beat Fm's, Maria Okanrande mum is a year older today. Read the post about her mama; @mariaokan: Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth!!! No one in this world could ride for me the way you have. I know I can be difficult sometimes, but the way you handle it makes me love you more and more. You are patient, you are kind, you are selfless, you are intelligent - no one can get 1 over you 😂 - You are the true definition of RIDE OR DIE!!! I would be lost without you! You trust me to do my own thing these days and live my own life, but you still keep it real and never hesitate to give it to me straight. One thing I want you to remember is how much you mean to me, that will never ever change. My love, my queen, my big sister, happy birthday Momma!!!


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