Peace Hyde as something to say about BAE posting

 Well we support this totally because it's alarming these days how social media users seems to be in and out of relationships in a flash. Read her post; @peac_hy: ...I had a meeting today and someone approached me and said: "Peace, I NEVER see you with a BAE on your page, are you dating?" ... You're right, I NEVER post a POTENTIAL love interest on my page. Yes, I MAY date however, I don't CLAIM anyone who is TEMPORARY. A dinner date is TEMPORARY, my +1 at my friends wedding is TEMPORARY, even the friend I wanted to go on a trip with is TEMPORARY. I'm not claiming him UNLESS he puts a RING on it. The Bible say we are SINGLE until we are MARRIED, and I ain't trying to start a fight with Jesus! Lol! I've got a BRAND to protect. I dont subscribe to the art of posting a "Bae" EVERY week, professing my love then replacing him with ANOTHER! When he starts acting up (๐Ÿ™„Ladies, you know what I mean!๐Ÿ˜’). How serious will you come across?, MR TEMPORARY will not get a shout out. He will not have the pleasure of posting a photo "CLAIMING" me via a *usually cheesy* CAPTION letting the WORLD know he has got me sprung. If you allow this I'm NOT JUDGING you, I promise that's NOT what I do. I only JUDGE MYSELF and share this to give you another perspective. When it's time to post "MY, HIM", you won't be mistaken. You won't discount him as some "Bae of the month" (not that I'm changing Bae's monthly ooo! Lol! ๐Ÿ™ˆ) or a TEMPORARY FOREVER (God willing). You'll know that's not "BAE", you'll know that's my "KING". But until then...I WILL WAIT and serve you my SELFIE!๐Ÿ˜œ...#AndThenIPrayed #MyGamePlan #MyDeclaration #Thankful #Blessed #Faithwalking #TrustTheProcess #WatchGodWork #PutGodFirst #Faithbuilders #Growing #GodIsTheReason #WontHeDoIt #Faithbuilders #KeepGoing #KeepGrowing #StayFocused #Elevation #WithGodAllIsPossible #AimHigherAfrica #PowerInPurpose #PieceOfPeace #lFocus #TheJourney #GodEngineered #HeIsUpToSomething #Kisses


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