Adekunle Gold, the power, the glory and the music

Adekunle Gold is exceptionally gifted and distinctively exemplified amidst the genuine singing power houses we have in Nigeria. I won't want to mention names so I won't spite or compare but this gentleman poses the grace to deliver his best in a song and composition he goes behind on. I have personally listen back to back to over ten songs of his and I haven't been disappointed for once.

It's with so much respect I write this review has its become of necessity I put up something about Gold. He makes me want to sing and perform great music but as I can't I guess it's best to praise and recognise one with great impact on us all with his great deliveries, theatrical videos, deep contents and music genius of a seven star height.

F√©licitations Monsieur Adekunle Gold, this piece is short but it's of a kind. Keep giving us great music and delivering excellence. 


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