Edalaf brothers launch Edalaf Einsteins

The developer of the most widely used school management software in Nigeria, Edalaf brothers, recently launched Edalaf Einsteins, a nationwide science competition for students in secondary and primary schools in the country. 

The contest is aimed at encouraging the spirit of competition among students so as to improve the knowledge of science and to give back to the Nigerian Education sector. 

Written examinations will be conducted in all the states in the country to select the best students for the next stage, after which there will be a written examination in all geopolitical zones to select the best twenty students for the next stage. Practical examinations will be conducted in the third stage to pick the best ten students in the nation for the final stage and live TV science quiz will be conducted for the best ten finalists from which winners will be picked. 

The competition is in two categories: primary and secondary school categories. The winner of the secondary school category has a chance of winning up to one million naira in scholarship, while the second position will go home with five hundred thousand naira scholarship, and the third to fifth position will get a hundred thousand naira scholarship.

For the primary school category, the winner will walk away with five hundred thousand naira scholarship, second position will get two hundred thousand naira scholarship while the third to fifth positions will get one hundred thousand naira scholarship respectively.


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