Love or Money, which is most important?

+ Talk2TC (Episode 01)

Today's talk is purely focused on dating a guy with money or the one with lots of love. So we do not disrespect any party guys or girls, it's just a topic of interest, thanks.

Love or Money which is really important? This has been a major debate for me as it seems I really don't understand which of the two seems a priority these days. Obviously, girls want the good life, the chills, trips, shopping and a lot more which could be self-made or dependent on provisional party.

With all due respect to the ladies a guy with lots of cash, a fly ride, dope apartment and taste of style is a major attraction but is that the big deal in this? ‎To be honest it seems most of these guys are the ones getting the girls today cos as you hit up a girl for a date or hang out you hear, ' are you coming to pick me? ' which ascertain the guy is on some cool chills from the onset. He takes you out have a nice time and cruise then it all seem locked down. Well am sure most girls want their guys all good good but some times these days the stories are different. Now I get to hear these from a lot of girls that it's not always about the money, now I ask what's it really about? 

Can you love without money or get money without love? Let's getting talking, ladies what are you stands on this in a relationship. Honest answers please?

Judge - @thetosinclegg 


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