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Hidden Figures gets honoured!

NASA physicist Katherine Johnson, who was played by Taraji P. Henson in the movie 'Hidden Figures,' spoke on stage with Janelle Monae, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer as they present on stage the Best Documentary Feature award.

Meet the First Muslim Actor to win an Oscar

Actor Mahershala Ali accepts the Best Supporting Actor Award for 'Moonlight' onstage during the 89th Annual Academy Awards. He is the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar.

Nollywood's Ibeto Daniel Ejike Okoli shares movie flyers

Nollywood Actor, Ibeto Daniel Ejike Okoli took to his Facebook to share the flyers of his new movie projects which are set to be released this year starting from April;

Ronaldo poses besides his Bugatti

Real Madrid Star, Ronaldo shares a pose besides his Bugatti via his Instagram page and had a charming look to accompany him.

As well know Ronaldo is a man of style and charming. Exceptional in attitude and more.

Settle Your Grudges

Phil 4:2 "Now I appeal to Euodia and Syntyche. Please, BECAUSE YOU BELONG TO THE LORD, SETTLE YOUR DISAGREEMENT."

As Christians we can't do certain things that other people do Why? because we belong to the Lord. There are ways to behave when you belong to the "KINGDOM"A king's son or daughter doesn't behave like the regular people, he/she dresses,speaks,acts etc like someone from royalty. Disagreement should not be found amongst us, we are to seek peace at ALL times. Don't let pride erode you of your peace. A simple word like I AM SORRY will settle that disagreement, this is not the time to shift blames and it doesn't matter who says it first. You can even send a little gift across saying you are sorry.I dont know who this is for but Settle that Disagreement, you belong to the Lord. #Godblessyou.

Spread Good News

Mark 16:15 And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the GOODNEWS to everyone.
The good news is the gospel, do we preach good news or bad news?

How do we preach the good news? how is our attitude when preaching the good news to others? Do we preach with love or preach with condemnation? We shouldn't go around saying things like this dress you are wearing will take you to hell, this drinks and cigarettes will take you to hell etc.

Going to hell is no good news, Telling them Jesus loves and cares about them and also all Jesus has done for them is goodnews. When they believe in Jesus and his life rubs off on them some things we find wrong and they found right before will be smelling to them. We need to be strategic in our evangelism. May the HolySpirit help us. #Godblessyou.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Son Birthday Photos

It was all glitter and glamour as the son of Wiz and Amber had his big birthday party. A customer party was thrown for him by his parents and they did show no bad blood at the party.

Both had their costumes on and in attendance was Black Chyna, her son and others ;

Big Sean and his grand ma !

Big Sean shares a cute picture of himself and his grand ma looking good together as he paid her a visit ;

What's Diddy Big Announcement?

Well fingers are crossed as we wait to know what he has up his sleeves. But here is what he posted;

@diddy: What’s up world!! I’ve been working really hard on something super exclusive for you. I can’t wait to share it with you all!! Stay tuned!! I’ll be making a big announcement right here on my Instagram!! Peace and Love - Diddy

Take It All To Jesus

Phil 4:6 DONT WORRY about ANYTHING; instead, PRAY about EVERYTHING. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

The antidote for worrying is praying. When we pray we communicate with God and he communicates back to us through his Word, this Word gives us peace and takes away the worries. When the devil comes again with those thoughts that make you worry your response will be based on that Word you received from Jesus. We should cultivate the habit of praying about EVERYTHING. Are you worried? Are you feeling down? Did you wet your pillow all through the night? He knows about it all take it to Jesus in prayers tell him what you actually need and sing praises to GOD for all he has done for you. One of my best hymn is "What a friend we have we in Jesus." Sing it to the Lord. Rejoice beloved. #Godblessyou

God has a plan for you

John 6:8-9Then Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up. 9 “There’s a young boy here with five barley loaves and two fish. But what good is that with this huge crowd ?

The young boy never knew he had something with that could feed over 5000 people he never would have imagined, The woman with the jar of oil never knew that little jar could lead to her financial breakthrough, The attendant at the wedding at cana never knew those 6 jars of water could be the best wine, Peter never knew his net could catch so many fishes that his net brake.
Jesus used the unqualified, he used the irrelevant. Have people written you off, do you feel you are not good enough, do you sometimes feel you can do anything, do you feel you can't amount to anything. I encourage you to look at the examples stated above, No one ever came in contact with Jesus that didn't amount to anything, that was something common about all these stories. Have you given your life to Jesus? please accept him as your Lord and …

AY's Open Invitation to everyone

@aycomedian: As you all know, I am still busy with #10DayInSuncity movie shoot.
Myself & my wonderful cast made of RMD, Mercy Johnson, 2Baba, Falz, Adesua Etomi, Fathia Balogun, Alex Ekubo, Juliet Ibrahim, Annie Idibia, Uti Nwachukwu, Gbenro Ajibade, Yvonne Jegede  and others would like to invite you, to be part of our big party scenes/Solidstar & 2Baba 'Nwa Baby' motion picture Soundtrack for #10DayInSuncity

We want everyone of you, who have been following us and supporting us to be part of this movie/music video shoot.

There is no limit to how many of you who can come. Bring as many friends, family members or people you know as you would want. it will be a perfect opportunity for some selfies and autographs.
Hope to see you this Tuesday 20th at Federal Palace Hotel  by 9am. kind dress for the glam
Lebron James reflects on memory lane

@kingjames: Wow time sure does fly! 15 years ago to this date I was Chosen to be on the cover on SI. To me I just thought it was cool and all cause the magazine was always something my boys and I would look at and read in the library every time another issue dropped but I have no idea the magnitude of being on the cover as a high school kid would bring!!

I guess that's why nothing ever fazed me cause I was so unaware of it all. Just wanted to play ball, go to school(so I could see my brothers, learn something, see some girls) and spend time with moms. Anyways I can say that I've done something right with my opportunity and life giving!

Cynthia Bailey still got it rocking at 50

Cynthia Bailey showing the girls that she can drop nude at 50 and still be hot!

Paul of Psquare and his son steps out in marching outfit

Paul of the Psquare duo shares a photo of his son and himself in marching Blue Jeans Shirt and Carton Colour Jeans. Cute aren't they?

Paul Adefarasin writes about Eric Arubayi

Below is his loving piece about the electrifying Gospel Performer;

@pauladefarasin: It's been 6 days since we suffered the colossal loss of a greatly gifted son of House on the Rock, Eric Arubayi. Eric was a soul-stirring worshipper with an intense zeal for the Lord and though we do sorrow, we do not sorrow as those with no hope. We will certainly all see Eric with Jesus again. We celebrate the life he lived and the legacy he leaves behind.

I'm convinced Eric is walking the streets of gold, singing with the angels, worshipping our one true King. We are warmly consoled by the fact that he is in a much better place with the other saints of the gospel where no pain can reach him.

Let us remember his lovely wife, Chinonso and their adorable son, Jayden in our prayers; that the almighty God will grant them the grace to bear this loss.

Dear family, I urge you to remember that while this is not our home, our purpose here is to bring God's kingdom to Earth. May we never tire in…

God Knows How

John 6:7-9 Philip answered him, “It would take more than half a year’s wages[a] to buy enough bread for each one to have a bite!”Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up, “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?

I was gisting with my colleagues yesterday about something I wanted to buy so I checked online for the price and am like ooh boy! I will have to save a year or more to get that thing, it got me thinking all through the evening and this morning the HolySpirit led me to this passage and I realized I was like Philip, moved by what I saw, focusing on the HOW,leaning to my understanding forgetting I serve a father who owns all things and can make the impossible possible. So I changed my confessions to I dont know HOW but he will do it. I dont know HOW he fed over 5000 people with 5loaves and 2fishes, I dont know HOW he parted the red sea. I dont know how many people are believing God for someth…

Facebook challenges developers in the Middle East and Africa to create the smartest Bots for Messenger

Facebook is challenging developers across the Middle East and Africa to create innovative bots in the Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge. This aligns with Facebook’s commitment to promote innovation in the Middle East and Africa by providing developers and start-ups with the tools they need to build, grow, monetize, and measure products and services.

Facebook grew out of a hacker culture and thrives by promoting innovation on new platforms. That's why Facebook is launching the Bots for Messenger Challenge, a contest to recognize and reward developers who are able to create the most innovative new bots on Messenger.

Developers, in teams of up to three people, are invited to create bots in three categories: gaming and entertainment; productivity and utility; and social good.


Finalist Teams
The 60 finalist teams (10 per category in each region) will win a Gear VR and mobile phone, one hour of Facebook mentorship and tools and services from FbStart, a Facebook program…

93 Days Gets Inundated with Global Recognition and Selection from Lagos- LA to Johannesburg 

These are interesting times in Nigeria's movie industry. Nigerian movies are breaking the glass ceiling with 93 days leading the pack with its acceptance at virtually every prestigious international festival. 

“The story of 93 Days centres on the sacrifices made by men and women who risked their lives to make sure the Ebola virus was contained, before it becomes an epidemic, when it was imported into Nigeria by a Liberian American diplomat. 93Days is also dedicated to Ameyo Adadevoh, a Nigerian physician who played a key role in the containment of Ebola in Nigeria. The movie was directed by Steve Gukas and was shot in several parts of Nigeria.”

In a country where history and heroic feats are not well documented, 93 Days saves the day with proper and accurate representation of the sad event in Nigeria. 93 Days have been able to document a segment in the history of this nation for future reference so accurately. Shot at multiple locations in Nigeria, 93 Days movie has brought a new …


Nollywood Actress, Iyabo Ojo makes the latest issue of SIMPLE magazine. Iyabo Ojo who was recently endorsed alongside Monalisa Chinda, as the face of luxury shoe line; Larrit, talked about her life as an actress, mother and multiple business owner.

The refreshed Entertainment and lifestyle magazine also features soul singer and businesswoman, Oluchi Fidelis. In a society where woman are indirectly and sometimes ridiculed with the ‘other room’ limitation, Songstress, Oluchi Fidelis see no limits, as she pours out her heart in this issue.

SIMPLE also highlighted Wizkid’s continual galactic growth at the top, in its ‘act focus’ section. Make sure you read that.

This issue also comes packed with exclusive interviews with director of Africa’s biggest movie export (in the creek), Tarila Thompson. Tarila Thompson who is respected in the industry for pioneering the English speaking movie industry in the land, talks about his landmark film project that took over four years to shoot and mor…

Photos from Basketmouth's Show in London

Basketmouth did have a very successful show last night in London. The turn up was massive and well attended. Several celebrities were also in attendance and spotted ;

Meek Mill is asking you make a choice?

Meek Mill posts a photo of two drinks and is asking which one would work for you?

What do you see?

2Kings 6:16-17 Don’t be afraid!” Elisha told him. “For there are more on our side than on theirs!” 17 Then Elisha prayed, “O Lord, open his eyes and let him see!” The Lord opened the young man’s eyes, and when he looked up, he saw that the hillside around Elisha was filled with horses and chariots of fire.

Naturally what we SEE control our reactions to a situation but that shouldn't be, what we know about Jesus should control our reactions towards a particular situation, so what we see doesn't matter all that matters is what we know the Lord has said through his word. The young man was afraid at the sight and size of the troops, chariots and horses. Dont be afraid of the sight and size of your situation but have faith and focus on the greatness of God. Until your eyes are open just like that young man to see how great God is you will live in fear. May fear be far from you in the name of Jesus. #Godblessyou.

Trey Songz in this look, yah or nah?

Whayasay about this look Mr take your woman, Trey Songz shares with us;

Baba Latin pictured with his kids

Popular Yoruba Actor, Baba Latin shares pictures of himself and his kids London. He had taken off for the UK just last week and made a funny commentary of bringing back The President.

They all looking sweet and adorable ;

Confidence In God

Psalm 91:2 - This I declare about the Lord:He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;he is my God, and I trust him.

Every morning we leave our houses and tell those we left that home that we will see them later or we will do something for them when we are back we say all this with a lot of confidence, no worries and with no doubt that we will return.

That's the kind of confidence the Lord wants us to have in him, when things around us dont seem pleasant he wants us to have confidence in him that he his sorting it out for us. Are you at that stage of your life? do you feel discouraged? does it feel like all hope is lost? I tell you that the Lord knows it all, all he wants is for you declare to that situation that He his greater than it, all he wants is for you to drop all your cares at his feet and walk away. God loves you deeply. Rejoice. #Godblessyou.

With love from Uber; Win incredible gifts this Valentine

Uber Nigeria is rewarding its riders in Lagos and Abuja this Valentine with delightful gifts to spice up their relationships. Riders have to write a love note to their lovers to stand a chance of winning various amazing gifts for themselves and their partners this Valentine’s day.

The rider with the best love note in Lagos will win a one-night staycation at Maison Farenheit, a spa date for two from Oriki, a bouquet of flowers from Hadassah flowers, and a bottle of champagne courtesy While the best love note in Abuja will win a one-night staycation at Sheraton courtesy of Hotelnownow, dinner for two at Apple Boulevard, a pamper spa session at Cleopatra Spa, a bottle of champagne courtesy of and a bouquet of flowers from Petals and more.

‘’Uber is leaving no stone unturned to ensure we give our riders the best experience this Valentine’s day, and that is why we came up with #PutYourHeartInAnUber, to help our riders have an amazing Valentine’s day,’’ said Marga…

MUSIC: Ashman - Want (Prod by BlazeBeat) @ashampolashasha

The Nigerian Ghana based artiste talks about love and attraction in this new jam which is certain to linger for a long time in the heart of music lovers.

The song which was spiced up by wave making producer BlazeBeat and mix and master by Noble Sound(NBS) is definitely going to be on repeat even as Valentine draws closer.

Also follow him on IG @Officialashman1 Twitter @ashampolashasha

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Over 200 million people now use Facebook Lite monthly

Facebook has announced that as of today there are over 200 million people using Facebook Lite, also called ‘FB Lite’ every month. With this rapid growth, Facebook will continue rolling out this version of its native app to other countries around the world.

FB Lite was first launched in 2015 as a standalone native app designed for lower end Android devices on spotty network connections to give people a reliable Facebook experience when bandwidth is low.

With FB Lite, Facebook wants to deliver the power of a native app, with features such as News Feed, status updates, push notifications, and camera/photo integration, while still being lightweight.

Over the years, Facebook has made a lot of improvements on the app including:

Improving performance: Facebook has been working hard to make sure FB Lite is fast and reliable, regardless of where you connect.Improving look and feel: Facebook wants to make sure people can have an easy and good experience, so they have integrated more features th…


A bad character is like weavils in a beans it eats you up till you left to nothing. You can be beautiful, handsome and posh but have a bad character. Our generation is full of rude, arrogant, proud, selfish etc people. Your degrees and connects might take you places but only a good character can keep you there. Maintain a good reputation let people be able to say good things about you in your absence. Reasons why there are unstable marriages is because none of them is ready to submit to the other. Be humble, Before you talk think about how the other person feels, correct with care, help people,control your tongue, be someone people can share their secrets without them hearing it in the open. #DontHaveASmellingCharacter #Godblessyou.

Tiwa Savage at the Roc Nation Brunch

Yesterday the Roc Nation stables had a brunch which was well attended by several notable celebrities in the US. Tiwa Savage did have a swell time at the brunch as she was pictured with Jay Z, P Diddy, Bridget Kelly and Kelly Rowland;

Reekado Banks is Coming Soon!

Reekado Banks has said thus, ' Coming soon !!! ' and he shares the above photo in respect to that.

Guess we should be having his clothing line in motion soon as that's what is clearly above.

Lady Gaga talks about her Choreographer

Gaga took to her Instagram to share her thoughts on her Choreographer who has helped pushed her career in his own heights.

Read Below; @ladygaga: This man gives me a Million Reasons to keep on pushing! He's the best in the business and the choreography genius behind #Halftime @richysquirrel and I are Back to WORK!! #grammys 💜

In Line With God's Will

en 12:1,4a The Lord had said to Abram, “LEAVE your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.

4a So Abram departed as the Lord had instructed,
Abraham's obedience is one we all should desire, The will of God was that he left his country, relatives and family which was embedded in Gods instructions. The HolySpirit made me understand that Gods will is in his Instructions to YOU, his instructions to YOU are found in his word, so if am carrying out his instructions am carrying out his will. Imagine we gain the money, cars, degrees, houses and positions and we are outside HIS will for our lives God forbid. Is our lives inline with his original PLAN? He alone knows the plan, we dont personally know them till we goto him to ask. Dont live life without Jesus, he makes all difference, he knows it all. If we are not walking according to his will for our lives,we are doing life wrongly. #Godblessyou.

Is Ubi and Lillian back?

Well if you all remember a few days back was Ubi's Birthday and Lillian took to her Instagram page to wish him Happy Birthday, see below;

Now Ubi will be hosting her at his Tilt tomorrow and that's a bit settling from both ends don't you think? It's looking like all his falling into pleasant places for both sides. Well fingers crossed!

Two Legends - Carlos and Beckham

Both super star legends were pictured together recently and we thought we share it with you. They played amazing football during their careers making out a long lasting legacy for themselves.

Together and apart they won trophies, Awards international fame, wealth and lot more. Today we celebrate this two!

Soulja Boy announces new game app

Soulja Boy continues putting out more and more to the public and has just recently released a new mobile game for all his esteemed fans to enjoy and play.

Paul O announces he clocks 50 soon

Showbiz Mogul, Paul O took to his Instagram to announce he will be 50 in April and as well know him to be full of life and excitement we would be expecting a big party.

Well April ain't too far from and we are expecting something very classy and top notched.

What's Up Keke Palmer?

Keke Palmer by now has cleared us off the sweet and innocent self she rode has a child. These days it's explicit content she delivers.

What's your take on this ;

Let There Be Light

Gen 1:3"Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light." I gave an illustration some days ago about how my earrings dropped and I was trying to look for it till I got light, The holyspirit made me understand that as believers a lot of us have the Holyspirit but NOT making use of the function of the Holyspirit, I knew I had a torchlight, I knew where it was but I decided to go grope in darkness. We have the Holyspirit, he his ready to help and guide you but do we actually call him on board in whatsoever we do.

After God created the LIGHT every other thing arranged itself as he spoke. The light brought visibility, it made a way in the darkness, it brought direction,it brought arrangement. Say "Jesus your Holyspirit dwells him me please align my life to your will in the name of Jesus" #Godblessyou.

Fally Ipupa Concert in May!

More details coming soon but see the flyer below for details;

The Akpororo's and The Seyi Law's

Popular Comedians, Seyi Law and Akpororo's share a photo of themselves alongside their wives. Cute couples aren't they?

Facebook rallies partners to unite for a safer and better Internet

Today is Safer Internet Day (SID) and Facebook has launched a series of initiatives to help make the Internet a safer and better place for people across Africa, especially children and the youth. Facebook is partnering with public sector agencies and non-governmental organisations from across Africa under the rallying call “Be the change: unite for a better Internet”.

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the people who use Facebook. Every day people come to Facebook to connect with people and issues they care about, and they should be able to do so in a safe, secure environment,” says Akua Gyekye, Public Policy Manager Facebook, Africa.

Facebook builds products that empower the community to stay in control, support each other during crises and stay safe online. Every Facebook product has privacy and security built into it to protect your information.

Worldwide conversation

Over 100 countries are participating in an effort to start conversations and help people thin…