“I played A Catholic Nun in TATU even though I was born and raised a Muslim” - Funlola Aofiyebi Raimi reveals

Seasoned Nollywood actress Funlola Aofiyebi has revealed the reasons she took the role she played in the drama blockbuster 'Tatu' - a role which landed her a nomination at the upcoming 2018 AMVCA, scheduled to hold on the 1st of September, 2018.

Nominated in the 'Best Supporting Actress in a Movie/Series' category, the actress took to social media (Twitter) to express her utmost joy over the nomination, thank her fans for their unyielding support over the years and reflect on more serious issues plaguing the country, such as religion.

Speaking on why she took the role of Mother Superior; a Catholic nun in 'Tatu', Funlola wrote; "Playing a Nun in Tatu appealed to me from the get go. I’m born and raised a Muslim yet I was ready to sink my teeth into it. In research, I went down memory lane - I attended a catholic primary schl, n also grew up watching Sound Of Music. I had to make her believable #VoteForFAR".

Moving on to reflect on religion through the role she portrayed, Funlola further wrote "When AMVCA2018 Nominations were announced, I was like woah!!! I’ve played other roles in my 22 yr old career but I’m nominated for my role in Tatu! God did that for a reason.....born a Muslim yet I played a Nun to the extent of getting an award nomination #VOTEforFAR"

The actress went on to reveal how she handled the perceptible portrayal of the character in a movie that co-stars other Nollywood big shots; including Segun Arinze, Rahma Saudu, Don Mope and other well-revered Nollywood stars.

Shot in some areas of Ibadan and Lagos, 'Tatu' has been well-received and highly praised by critics and fans alike; with many declaring it the best Nollywood film of 2017.

Funlola Aofiyebi Raimi has since urged fans to vote for her and help her bring the award home for the first time.


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