5 Things To Expect As Betway 5s League Heads Into Playoffs Stage

Since the start of the Betway 5s league, football lovers in Lagos have been thrilled with endless live football action. The league which was organized to tap into the 5 a-side football culture in Nigeria has lived up to expectations, with players exhibiting exciting skills and top notch goals. 

As the league advances into the playoffs stage, here are 5 things to look forward to. 

12 Competing Teams: The league started with 24 teams competing for the grand prize of 1 million Naira. After the preliminary stage, 12 teams were eliminated. As we enter into the playoffs, the remaining 12 teams will be locking horns in fiercely contested matches. Right now, it's all or nothing for these teams. 

Longer Game Time: During the preliminary stage, the duration for each game was 20 minutes -- 10 minutes for each half. As the league progresses into the playoffs, each match will now be contested for 30 minutes, 15 minutes for each half. The extension of match duration will afford each team more time to perfect their gameplay and also offer more excitement to the fans.

Spectacular Football Action: For those that missed the action that went down during the preliminary stage, do not worry, because the playoffs are sure to offer more skills and flicks. During the group stage, players at the various match group left the fans in awe as they displayed eye-catching skills.

Professionalism: One major thing that caught our attention during the preliminary stage of the league was the level of professionalism exhibited by the players and officials. The players observed fair play and the officials were also impartial. As the league advances, football lovers should expect professional conduct from both players and officials.

Goals, Goals and More Goals !!!!: At the end of the group stage, 189 goals were scored. These teams are not here to play. So, if you love the beautiful game and you want to see breath-taking goals, then make sure you attend any of the football matches during the playoffs.

Top Qualifying Teams Heading To The Betway 5s League PlayOffs Stage

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